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Upload Videos/Image/Gif/Quote – With Earning System1. How can you earn money?• Login via Facebook/Google/PhoneNumber in

Upload Videos/Image/Gif/Quote – With Earning System
1. How can you earn money?
• Login via Facebook/Google/PhoneNumber in the app and then view/share/upload status to start earning money.
• Check the “My Earning” page on the left side navigation bar menu.
• You will get points for every task and 1000 points are equal to 1 dollar.
2. When can I withdraw money and how much?
• Minimum withdrawal amount is 10000 points = 10 dollars.
• No maximum amount limit.
• You must have a minimum of 1 published post and 1 follower to withdraw money.
• Minimum withdrawal amount can be changed at any time as per requirements.
3. Is there any limitation on view/share/upload?
• Daily limitations on view and share are 25 and 15 respectively.
• You can post status after 24 hours only. Normal users can post a status only on Sunday and contest days. Verified and premium users can post status every day.
• We follow Indian Standard Time to enable posting status for a normal user.
• This limitation can be changed at any time as per requirements.
4. How many points can I earn via browsing/uploading status?
• When you share your referral code, your friend will get 100 points.
• You will get points for every unique status with the above-given limitation when you view/share/upload any status. Points on every status:-
• Share Video = 5
• View Video = 5
• Upload Video = 5
• Share Image = 3
• View Image = 3
• Upload Image = 3
• Share GIF = 2
• View GIF = 2
• Upload GIF = 2 
• Share Quote = 2
• View Quote = 2
• Upload Quote = 2
• These points can be changed at any time as per requirements.
5. Why my post is in review/not published/deleted?
• Good quality status always publishes as soon as possible, rest status may take time.
• Your status might not be good as per the Upload Guide, please read the “Upload Guide” section for more info. You can contact us via the Help section for checking your status if it’s taking more than 3 days.
• We don’t accept a 1-10 second video because better to upload GIF instead of video. Don’t upload personal, private, or copyright content.
• We don’t accept URLs in Quote, but you can add in Image/GIF/Video description.
6. How many days will take to get money in my account?
• You will get payment confirmation within 72 hours(Paid/Rejected), but payment will be sent in between 27 to 31 dates of the month.
• Contest winner will get instant payment, but the winner must contact us within 30 days.
• Once payment has been rejected, that’s mean you have done something wrong and you will not get any points back and no payment will be transferred.
7. How can I become a verified user?
• If you want your new post should be published directly without going to review the list then contact us about becoming a verified user, but make sure you have more than 20 published posts and you have to follow Upload Guide rules.
• If you are a premium user, you should have only 10 published posts to become a verified user.
• Once you become a verified user, you need to follow Upload Guide rules always otherwise we can disable your verified badge.
8. What is the role of Reduce Ads option?
• When you open a status, your viewpoint will not be counted and you will not see a full-screen ad on that status. This option is good for that user who just wants to enjoy the app without being a premium user.
 Please Note:-
• We have the right to block any user who does spam, unwanted comments, or violates the rules.
• All payment history and posts will be deleted if your profile is not active for more than a month. The post will not be deleted if the post has good quality and views.
• We have the right not to send payment if the user does any hacking-type things or block Ads via third-party software.
• We made this app to enjoy earning not to steal/break anything. If you have any question, please contact us via email at [email protected]

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